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“Thanks Elizabeth! On your recommendation, I stopped using a wireless keyboard and mouse. I also turned off my laptop’s WiFi. Immediately afterward, I felt an improvement in my symptoms. It’s been a week since I made the changes and I can tell I’m getting better. Thanks a lot!”
— O.N., Kenya

“I had been reading about how some environments can be very harmful to our health, therefore I started to wonder about our very own home and its effect on our health.

I’m a very health conscious individual, so I became very interested in the services that Current Living offered in order to better understand my home environment.

Current Living helped us tremendously by educating us about how to make our home even healthier, and even made recommendations about materials to consider for a bed and bedding for our young son. I feel that as a result of working with Current Living, we are better equipped to take corrective actions and make the necessary changes for a healthier home.”

— Working Mom, Connecticut

“I needed information about my current living environment and a piece of property I was looking into purchasing. Also, I was feeling uncomfortable in parts of my home. I followed the advice Current Living provided and it really made a difference in how I feel. Also, I chose not to purchase a piece of property due to measurements found at the site.”
— E.C., Massachusetts

It feels “quieter”. I feel less stressed.

Changing the type of phone I used and making it darker in my sleep area both made a great difference.

— S.H., New Hampshire

I feel more rested in the morning – both at home and even on vacation. Also, I no longer feel awful when working on my home computer for extended periods of time. Thank you!

— L.S., Connecticut

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